Furious-Minds is a collective of cross -trained ad tech natives with expertise in the changing business models and enabling advertising technologies of  television and online video. 


What is Furious-Minds?

We help companies deliver revenue and accelerate growth by aligning and defining monetization strategies with innovation mandates and product roadmaps. More than consultants, FM provides fluid, on-demand talent solutions across the marketing, revenue and business planning functions. We train, empower and help our clients set a course for success and accelerated growth.  Our key areas of focus are the changing TV 2.0 landscape, OTT, IPTV, online video, and the automation of television and digital media through programmatic technologies.


Right Team/ Right Time

The harsh reality is that the growth of ‘Tech Alley’ in NYC has resulted in a shortage of talent that understands technology, media and how advertising is bought and sold, as well how to bring new ad products to market. Chief Marketing, Revenue, and Strategy officers are hard to come by, and internal sales forces are expensive. The Furious Minds’ “Right Team/Right Time” model addresses this by providing the talent and outside sales solutions to take early stage companies or products to key revenue milestones faster. Our sweet spot is working with large organizations that need to ‘change or die’ or have decided to invest in a new line of business. 


Revenue MUST be Part of the Product Roadmap

Considering and bringing the monetization strategy up stream into the product development cycle will result in more efficient capital utilization every time. Simply put, a focused and informed revenue model reduces burn through reduced lead times, fewer product revisions and by minimizing lead time to revenue. This is true for early stage start-ups, as well as new product launches within large companies looking to realize new revenue streams and diversify.